The Gospel Truth: The Heresy of History dispels fact from fiction regarding history and The Bible. The information was originally compiled from a variety of reputable historical sources in an attempt to prove that The Bible and its interpretation are correct and that The Bible is a unique set of books. As the author states: "The facts far outweigh the fiction, and, by the way, are much more interesting." This information is presented mostly without interpretation allowing the reader to consider for him/herself what the facts are and to begin their own research.

Excellent!! You struck a very good balance between giving useful information and sticking your finger in the eye of those who prefer delusion to knowledge.
- Joe Bailie, Pollock, LA

"The Gospel Truth: ..." puts a lot of myths to rest ... what a wealth of new information. A must for everyone interested in expanding their knowledge. Alexander Holub, the Author, is on top of his game.
-Bonnie Lange, Publisher, Truth Seeker