PSYCHOKINESIOLOGY: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

"Essentially, we can say that all of the realities that we perceive directly are related to our unconscious thought processes and beliefs. All reality, then, is learned. To the extent that we believe that reality to be true, it will come to be true. If it does not exist on physical reality for you, it does not matter how strongly you profess a belief in it, you actually do not believe in it. Even if it does come into "existence" for you (via hallucinations, delusions, etc.) that does not mean it exists for anyone else." (excerpt)

The unconscious (subconscious) aspect of the human mind has long been shrouded in mystery. This bold and dynamic book reveals the key to communicating directly with this little understood realm of our psyche. Exploring different facets of behavior allow the clear analysis of the nature of what is hidden within the deeper elements of the mind and how these controlling patterns of behavior came to be.

With these new insights, those who truly desire change and have neither the time nor the funds to enter into months or years of talk therapy are encouraged to seek therapists who utilize Psychokinesiology techniques. Understanding these processes before seeking help prepares the future client for the successful changing of self-defeating patterns of behavior by establishing success-oriented expectations.

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