Psychokinesiology : Doorway to the Unconscious Mind

"Psychokinesiology contains significant insights into the understanding of human behavior. It can be a valuable addition to any library. Beyond that, it is highly worthwhile to be involved in at least one session to discover the seemingly magical quality in this esoteric procedure. The participant seems to experience an almost entrancing response as a result - even in a single session. - V.V. Dimeo, Ph.D. Psychologist (Ret.)

"I am truly impressed by the depth and scope of Psychokinesiology. It delves into the detailed methods of how we truly think...(this) work is a scientific-based writing that is based in real clinical evidence... works." ...This work expands my clinical abilities for dealing with the awesome complexities of my patients... I will be using this system in my practice." - Randall W. Robirds, D. C. Chiropractic Physician, Applied Health Dynamics

To order Psychokinesiology: Doorway to the Unconscious Mind (ISBN: 1-893157-06-7) by Alexander S. Holub, Ph.D. with Evelyn Budd-Michaels, call 1-800-729-4131 or order from the web here.

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